Why I Love BTC Magic Internet Money Wizard Drawing

The year is 2013, the bitcoin subreddit moderator published a thread asking the community to send ideas for a reddit ad to promote r/bitcoin. One of the members, /u/mavensbot, created an ad in MS Paint drawing style of the Magic Internet Money Wizard. This became the best performing ad in the history of Reddit, making the subreddit start soon to grow in popularity and number of subscribers. At the time Reddit was one of the main stronghold for the bitcoin mania.

First draft of the Reddit Ad / Final submitted version.

Although the art was in a sketchy and simple style made with MS Paint, it couldn’t be any better than this which grabs the spirit of this subreddit community. A professional and well-finished art wouldn’t work so well. The Magic Internet Money Wizard was the picture that caught on.

What I love about this ad is the simplicity of the design, the composition of the wizard along the handwritten typography and the colors chosen, made it an astonishing drawing. Inspired by the simple design and the beauty of the drawing I created a gif, and uploaded to giphy, which aims to homage this historical creation of the Reddit bitcoin community.

I remade all the drawing giving it a personal style, but keeping all the elements and colors that made it striking. I don’t include the sentence ‘magic internet money’ and the reference to r/bitcoin because I’d like to promote only the bitcoin itself. I want to associate the image of the wizard with the bitcoin only.

Finally, I’d like to keep here a record of this creative moment of the bitcoin history and, thereby, contribute to preserve the memory of this awesome MS paint ad artwork.

more: Magic Internet Money: How a Reddit ad made Bitcoin hit $1000 and inspired South Park’s art department.

Spreading $BTC ideas through GIFs. https://giphy.com/pauloferrdraw

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