Sexting Emoji with ChatGPT 🔥

Paulo Ferr
4 min readApr 2, 2023

An emoji sexting experiment in a conversation with ChatGPT.

Woman texting her phone. image created with Midjourney v5

If a picture is worth a thousand words, when it comes to sexting emoji (i.e., emojis with sexual connotations), maybe we need extra help to figure out just how naughty these tiny images can be. If you find yourself struggling to decode the hidden meanings behind your late-night messages or want to add some spice to your own texts, we’ve got you covered with a little help from our AI friend, ChatGPT.

I was curious to see how ChatGPT would interpret certain emojis that could have a sexual connotation depending on the context. So, I selected a combination of emojis, (Love eggplants ❤🍆), that could be considered NSFW and wanted to see how it would respond to my questions.

Asking ChatGPT the meaning of love, eggplant emojis

At first, as you can see, ChatGPT refused to give me a more detailed answer due to certain restrictions imposed on it when it comes to topics involving sex. However, there is a technique called 🔒 jailbreaking that can be used to bypass these barriers. To get the answer I wanted, I pretended to be an academic researcher conducting an experiment with LLMs to write a paper. With this false pretext, ChatGPT then gave me a better answer.

Pretending to be a researcher to get better answers. Jailbreaking technique

So, the answer by ChatGPT:

ChatGPT answer about peach and heart emojis

And it continues:

ChatGPT answer

So, let’s ask him about the dirty meaning of the taco emoji 🌮:

answer about taco emoji

I wasn’t satisfied with his answer, so I decided to push further and see if I could get more out of him.

ChatGPT answer about the dirty meaning of taco emoji

I changed the question and framed it in another way. Now his answer was straightforward, without beating around the bush.

ChatGPT answer about sweat droplets emoji meaning

I am curious about the combination Tongue 👅+ Taco 🌮 + Sweat Droplets💦 what it means, so I asked him:

ChatGPT answer about the combination of tongue + taco + sweat drops emojis

As you can see, I was flagged by the system, so it is not recommended to use words that have a strong sexual connotation, describing these acts. Let’s give another try:

ChatGPT answer about the combination of waving hand + peach + smiling face with horns emojis

Ok, ChatGPT wouldn’t say this, but I’ll give you a translation of the emoji combination 👋 + 🍑 + 😈, which means:

I’m going to give you a spanking and feel very naughty about it.

ChatGPT answer about the banana + doughnut emojis

So, about the banana 🍌 and the doughnut 🍩, let me know in the comments what you think it means 😈🔥.

Concluding, to not go too far with this otherwise I may lose my account, as you can see in some situations ChatGPT is evasive and polite, in others, I think he does a good job of answering my questions. However, it’s difficult to extract much from him about sexual topics due to OpenAI’s content policies. Overall, I think this emoji sexting experience was quite satisfactory and ChatGPT was able to, even if evasively, interpret the emojis that were sent to him.

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